Buy Manzanita Wood and Manzanita Branches Direct from the Grower

We can supply manzanita for decorative use, pet supplies, crafts or whatever you need. Our private forest land has an abundant supply of manzanita trees up to 8 feet high and more. We sell wholesale decorative manzanita branches, bird perches. Also manzanita aquarium wood including old weathered manzanita and root wads.

All of our manzanita is naturally grown with no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or chemicals of any kind. Great care is taken in harvesting our decorative manzanita branches to retain the natural shape and to retain as many of the twigs and branches as possible. We also take great care in preserving the land we harvest from to ensure healthy forests and a sustainable supply.

Manzanita Bird Perches and Bird Toys

Manzanita Bird PerchesManzanita wood and branches are loved by bird owners. Manzanita wood is so hard that it resists a birds chewing better than softer woods do. It is also not toxic to bird, so they can chew on it all they want. The shape of manzanita branches are both attractive and make an ideal surface for birds to perch on.

Manzanita Bird Perches


Ornamental Manzanita Branches and Manzanita Centerpieces

Manzanita BranchesManzanita branches grow into unique forms that make them prized for decorations. They grow into forms that resemble natural bonsais. After it dries it holds its original shape and is exceptionally strong. Its strength and its shape make it idea for hanging ornaments. This is ideal for decorations as well as displays like jewelry trees.

Manzanita Branches


Manzanita for Aquariums

Manzanita Aquarium WoodManzanita has visual and chemical properties that make it an ideal wood for aquariums. Its unique shapes and contrasting colors are beautiful. Manzanita wood in an aquarium can naturally look like miniature versions of large pieces of submerged wood. It is non toxic to both aquatic and terrestrial life and will sink in water after being submerged long enough.

Manzanita Aquarium Wood


Manzanita Wood and Burls for Crafts and Wood Working

Manzanita WoodManzanita wood is absolutely beautiful. The thin layer of whitish sapwood covers its rich dark reddish brown heartwood. Sometimes both the whitish sapwood and the dark heartwood are both exposed at the surface. The grain patterns rival the beauty of some of the most exotic hardwoods. The wood is slow growing with tight rings, making it very dense and hard. Its straight wood and especially its burls are prized by wood turners and for making small crafts. Since the tree is so small and crooked, large pieces are rare. Manzanita wood also has a tendency to crack as it dries, this also limits the size of products that can be made from this wood.

Manzanita Wood