Manzanita Aquarium Driftwood

Manzanita Aquarium WoodManzanita wood is becoming one of the most sought out types of aquarium wood. This wood grows exclusively in western North America, and has properties that make it an ideal choice of wood for aquariums. We have manzanita aquarium driftwood for sale, also called or mountain driftwood. We can sell manzanita of all shapes and sizes including naturally weathered pieces and, at times root wads.

Manzanita is an excellent wood for aquariums. The most obvious advantage of this wood is its appearance. Not only are its unique shapes it grows into attractive, it also has colors and a texture that is like no other wood. And the colors are only amplified when the wood is wet.

Manzanita also makes an ideal aquarium wood because of its physical and chemical properties. The wood is non toxic and considered to be chemically inert, so it is safe for aquatic and terrestrial animals including fish and reptiles. It also releases very few tannins into the water compared to many other types of aquarium wood. It does release some, so it is recommended that you soak the manzanita wood in water for around two weeks to release most of the tannins before putting it into your aquarium.

Manzanita wood is highly resistant to decay and will last much longer than other aquarium wood, such as grape vine. Manzanita aquarium wood will last for a long time both in and out of water. Under water in an aquarium, it can last for decades. This means the wood will last a long time without rotting, and it is also good because it won’t be decaying and releasing chemicals into the water the way some woods do as they break down.

Manzanita wood is also idea for an aquarium because it is so dense and heavy, making it one of the easier woods to sink. But dry manzanita will float in water until it becomes saturated with water. This can take a few days or weeks depending on the size of the wood. Until it is saturated enough to sink you can weigh it down with a rock or other heavy object.

In an aquarium, manzanita provides great habitat for your aquarium life forms. The twisted shapes and branches make good hiding places and look beautiful. The unique shapes and sizes are attractive and often look like miniature versions of giant logs and pieces of tree. The root wads are great, they look like miniature stumps and the tangled roots make great hiding places.