Manzanita Bird Perches

Manzanita Bird PerchesManzanita bird perches are prized by bird owners. We have manzanita branches you can buy in any lengths you want for making bird perches or your own bird playstands or bird trees. We will soon be offering bird perches with mounting hardware installed and play stands.

Manzanita bird perches are considered to beĀ  the best by many bird owners. The natural shape of manzanita gives the birds a varied surface that makes it superior to the traditional wooden dowels that are commonly used. Instead of wrapping their feet around a uniform diameter all the time, the manzanita gives the birds feet a variety of surfaces. This varied surface gives them exercise, which contributes to the health of the leg and feet muscles.

Manzanita wood and bark are very dense and not nearly as porous as most wood. In its natural form this makes it easy to clean and provides less of an environment for bacteria and parasites to establish. Both the wood and bark are very hard, it is one of the hardest woods in the world. Bird owners love this about manzanita because, unlike softer woods, the birds can chew on it all they want without shredding it to pieces.

Manzanita bird perches made of natural wood are non toxic to birds. Many types of birds can be very sensitive to many substances. Manzanita wood should be left untreated and natural since some finishes can be toxic to them. Manzanita is non resinous and chemically inert so they can chew on the natural wood as much as they want and it will not harm them.