Wood Turning Manzanita Burl

Wood turner Carl Jacobson demonstrates turning a piece of manzanita burl wood on a lathe. In the video you can see how hard the manzanita wood is and how the wood looks. Manzanita wood, and especially manzanita burls, are usually not found in very large pieces for a couple reasons. First, since it is a small tree, the wood and burls don’t grow to be very large to begin with. And since the wood cracks as it dries, this makes it even more difficult to find an uncracked piece of any large size. Manzanita wood is best for making small projects like this night light. After he puts a mineral oil & paste wax finish on it, you will be able to see the beautiful grain and color of the wood. In the beginning you can see the large gaps and flaws in the manzanita burl turning blank, but then see how these imperfections in the wood only add to its character once it is finished.

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